Remote monitoring

  • Software

The software provides a tool for management and monitoring, offering the possibility of remote communications via GSM, GPRS and / or ADSL Internet, in this way the user can be displayed at all times the state of their equipment. Thanks to the database located on our servers can be carried out follow-up studies using historical records. Another option offered by the monitoring software is the ability to perform SMS alerts in case of possible alarms. The flexibility of the software allows implemented some features defined for each client.

Software de gestión y monitorizaciónSoftware de gestión y monitorización

Software de gestión y monitorizaciónSoftware de gestión y monitorización

The system includes GPS (Global Positioning System) for an accurate synchronization of the clocks in real time required for drivers of the photovoltaic plant. This synchronization is important to obtain the most accurate positioning theoretical calculations. The monitoring system displays and records the parameters most representative of a solar plant, generating electricity production reports, alarms, times of operation ... valid for the control and maintenance of the plant.

  • Gateways GPRS and ethernet

Our communication networks are designed with the aim of monitoring the equipments installed in the field. Using adaptive systems protocols (GATEWAYS), all the elements can be integrated in a LAN. Because of the usual distance and the lack of telephone wiring, the transport way chosen to communicate is GPRS.
Gateways GPRS y ethernet