Solar photovoltaic

The solar photovoltaic energy is based on the collection of solar energy and its transformation into electricity through photovoltaic modules. There are two types of modules: flat panels and concentration panels.

  • Concentration panels
Paneles de concentración

The concentration panels are focused on the idea of concentrating sunlight to reduce the size of solar cells, and therefore costs. A concentration system replaced most of the silicon for plastic or glass lenses or metal reflectors, being necessary an area of semiconductor material of a size much smaller.

They need a very precise tracking control, because if solar radiation does not affect completely in the lens electricity production is not obtained. The concentration panels exploit only the direct radiation, so during cloudy days they are not able to generate electricity.

  • Flat panels
Paneles planos

They consist of solar cells that are mounted in series to achieve the proper voltage for the electrical applications. The cells are based on pure silicon with the addition of chemical impurities, being able to generate each of them from 2 to 4 Amps, with a voltage of 0.46 to 0.48 V.

The flat panels support both direct and diffuse radiation and they can generate electricity even on cloudy days.