We are

SuntrackPro is a product line that produces solar tracker controllers. Tracking the sun creates powerful renewable energy sources allowing as much as 40% of the solar light to be converted into green energy. SuntrackPro controls both photovoltaic and concentrated solar tracking mechanisms. Our product line is flexible as we can control both elevation and azimuth. We have software driven process that can configure any combination of DC motors, DC brushless motors and AC motors, sensors and encoders.

In our United States and European facilities we have experience in building solar tracker controllers. We are confident that we can meet any capacity needs you require. 

Our benefits to you are:

- Our system is sound with many successful deployments.
- Our process is software driven and can be configured and changed rapidly.
- We can handle high volume.
- Our relationship with vendors speeds your time to market.
- Our experience will save you from months to years in R&D.
- Our code is embedded rather than a standard PLC card that anyone can change.
- We can be your electronic labor force; customize to your needs and maintain your software libraries.
- We are quality certified throughout the globe.