Suntrack 5

The SUNTRACK 5 is a microcontroller-based system, ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which has been designed to follow up on two axis with high precision. The control module is adaptable for electrical and hydraulic systems.

The system has a port for communication with RS 485 MODBUS galvanic isolation, used for tasks such as start-up for remote monitoring of the behavior of the tower.

SUNTRACK 5 works in open loop, calculating the position of the Sun (astronomical events), both as Elevation and Azimuth, with a precision of 0.01 °.

Technical Features


Suntrack cover

Mechanical assembly

Power supply

Digital inputs

Digital inputs protection

Digital outputs

Digital outputs protection

Analog inputs

Analog outputs

Encoders inputs

Communication ports

Anemometer input

Anemometer input protection

Open-loop accuracy

Close-loop accuracy

Temperature of work

Maximun relative dampness

Luminous indicators

Test of certification

105 x 103 x 30 mm


Rail DIN

24V (± 20%) 10A (+10%)

4. Phoenix conector of 8A


4. Phoenix conector of 8A. 24V / 75mA

Over current, inverse polarity and contact short-circuit

1. Voltage input. From 0 to 10 V

2. From 0 to 10 V. Impedance to connecting
> 50kΩ

6 Digital inputs. Phoenix conector of 8A.
24V / 30mA. Frecuency 1.6kHz

1 Optoisolated. Phoenix conector of 8A.
Phisical support RS-485. Modbus-RTU protocol

Phoenix conector of 8A. 24V / 2A

Over current, inverse polarity and contact short-circuit

> 0.015º


From -25º a +70º


4 Leds

CE marked

Software Configuration

The configuration software for the PC environment allows the installer to set the parameters characteristic of each tower and display on the screen the behavior of the photovoltaic   system. It facilitates the commisioning and maintenance of solar tracker.

Software de comunicaciónSoftware de comunicación