1.- Improved performance for installation (up to 30% with direct radiation) due to a precision pointing solar less than 0.1 º in open loop (astronomical formula) and 0.01 eighth through closed loop (solar sensor)

Mejora de rendimiento

2.- Easy to install PC for system configuration and adjustment of parameters, etc. offsets.

3.- System auto-correct: By the solar sensor system adjusts its tracking parameters automatically.


The solar tracking controller SUNTRACK is a microcontroller-based system, ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which has been designed to follow up on two axes with high precision. It is suitable for all types of most common   PV modules, including photovoltaic panels concentration and heliostats.

The control modules, working in open loop, calculate the relative position of the Sun (astronomical events), both as Elevation and Azimuth, with a precision of 0.01 °. In closed loop, the system has a solar sensor that works when there is enough radiation directly and includes an auto adjustable function   of the solar solar and photovoltaic tower, eliminating the need for very precise adjustments in the alignment between the sensor mechanical solar and photovoltaic tower.